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Bring your science teaching to the next level!

Revolutionary 3D microscopy for 21st century schools

Nanolive’s educational program engages students and teachers in interactive biology learning through a cutting edge technology.

Our mission is to empower educators to develop clear hands on experiments helping students to gain a much deeper understanding in cell biology.

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What the 3D Cell Explorer allows you to do

The 3D Cell Explorer…

…looks at unstained live cells in unprecedented resolution

Traditional microscopy…

…looks at dead stained cells in low resolution

Refractive Image of Human Cheek Cells

2D Image of Human Cheek Cells

The 3D Cell Explorer…

…enables 2D, 3D, 4D and multicolor visualization 

…enables digital shareable quantitative data

Traditional microscopy…

…allows only one-colored 2D visualization

…allows only to draw cells

3D digitally stained image of Human Cheek Cells

Drawing of Human Cheek Cells

Empower your student’s learning experience!

Quick Visualization

Visualize live cells instantly and without any harmful sample preparation.

Safe Digital Staining & Plurality of Colors

Let your students try out a vast amount of digital stains which are based on the cell’s refractive index.

4D Visualization & Analysis (3D + Time-Lapse)

Fascinate your students by analyzing cells in 3D and in motion!


Unlimited Sharing & Quantitative Assignments

Share the obtained data with all your students for interactive lessons and interesting assignments.

What’s in it for you?

All you need, right out of the box.

The package includes the 3D Cell Explorer microscope, a pre-configured laptop with the required software, step-by-step instructions, tutorial videos and protocols for each experiment, access to the teaching space and a library of the 3D Cell Explorer data, worksheets for students and starter slides.

How to videos


Mireille Donadini, Biology Teacher

Gymnase de Provance, Lausanne, Switzerland – one of the first schools in Switzerland to have worked with the 3D Cell Explorer for Education

“It’s innovative, so we need to be creative. Since the approach is new, we need to develop new activities. We will work on new research questions for the final papers of the students. Everything is new and left to discover.”

Institute Le Rosey

 Boarding school in Rolle, Switzerland

“Rosey’s biologists are testing state-of-the-art 3D microscopes created by a start-up based at EPFL: Nanolive. Thanks to this unique technology, students are exploring cells as never before: from their own saliva in 3D to real-time mitosis observation.”


Rachel Stott

Biology Teacher, Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, USA

“I can say that both our regular and our research teachers are very excited about the 3D Cell Explorer. We expect to be able to use it in both our regular classrooms and our research program. I also showed it to our physics teachers. I have been showing your website to our research seniors. Most of them will be going on to prestigious U.S. universities and joining research labs there.  I have told them to spread the word at their universities about your products.”


Angela Armendariz

Living Systems Facility Manager, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA

“Nanolive was super great to work with. In preparation for our rental they spent a lot of time trying to understand our needs, and working out a rental agreement that worked for both of us. They skyped and emailed with me throughout the rental period to address all of my questions. One of their software developers even worked on a problem late at night (they’re in Switzerland, 8 hours ahead of us) to help me out. Thanks so much!”


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