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An interactive online classroom for learning cell biology in 3D

Tutorial Video: Introduction to the Learning Space of cell.academy

All you need to teach cell biology: The Online Learning Space

With a large database of interactive 3D cell data and lesson plans, cell.academy is a perfect way to inspire your students to become the scientists of tomorrow! 

Library of 3D Cell Data

Bridge the gap between textbooks and real life!

Students will investigate real microscopy acquisitions of a wide variety of cell types, e.g.

  • cancer cells
  • stem cells
  • blood, etc.

Get to learn about organelles such as

  • mitochondria
  • plasma membrane
  • nucleus & nucleoli, etc.

And study dynamic processes like

  • cell division
  • cell death

3D/4D Interactive Cell Viewer: Meet STEVE

STEVE is the intuitive and interactive interface where your students’ discoveries begin. Your students will explore cells in 3D and 4D time-lapses and color interesting features, perform measurements (size & volume) and export exciting movies and 3D animations.

Teacher in biology lesson with 3D Cell Explorer microscope

Detailed Lesson Plans & Student Assignments

Each cell data set is supported by suggested lesson plans and NGSS & IB aligned teaching resources. 

Encourage your students to discover, face challenges, solve problems, and apply their learning while getting inspired.

Our Standard Package includes a selection of our most popular lesson plans covering the basics (cheek cell, onion root-tip mitosis, yeast division, banana cells and carbohydrates, blood and diseases).

How does it work?

Your subscription

Subscription to cell.academy provides access to our interactive software, a comprehensive library of unique and real 3D cell data and 4D time-lapses, detailed teaching contents and challenging assignments for your students. Get started with a standard package covering the basics of cell biology including cheek cell, onion root-tip mitosis, yeast division, banana cells and carbohydrates, blood and diseases. Build up your library with premium packages to tailor your lessons to your interest.

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