Teaching Space

An interactive online classroom for learning by sharing content

Cell.academy’s teaching space is an online platform dedicated to guarantee the best user experience. It guides you from day 1 with all you need to run successful lessons with the 3D Cell Explorer.

Cloud Platform (STEVE +)

Software STEVE

Getting started videos

Cloud platform (STEVE +)

Our online cloud platform STEVE + is a storage space and a sharing platform. It is the cell.academy’s online cloud platform where you can find:

  • Detailed and innovative experimental protocols
  • Worksheets for your students
  • Tutorial videos for all the experiments with step-by-step instructions
  • 3D & 4D cell data files for each experiment and their respective digital staining files

Moreover, you can upload your own acquisitions and share them with your classroom, your school and even with other schools around the world!

STEVE software licenses for your students

STEVE is the Cell Explorer’s software counterpart. After the series of images has been captured by the 3D Cell Explorer, a high-resolution stack of images of each plane of the sample are created by computer processing. Once the images have been acquired you will be able to share them on the online space STEVE + and give access to your students.

STEVE’s intuitive interface allows students to explore their data using interactive digital staining and even perform quantitative analysis on their measurements.

Getting started videos

In the Teaching Space you can find different tutorial videos to help you getting started with the 3D Cell Explorer. Learn in a few minutes how to set-up your microscope out from the box, how to prepare a sample, how to make your first acquisition and how to use STEVE.

It’s fun and easy!