The online sharing cloud platform

STEVE + is at the same time a storage space and a sharing platform. It is the online cloud platform where you can find:

  • Detailed and innovative experimental protocols
  • Worksheets for your students
  • Tutorial videos for all the experiments with step-by-step instructions
  • 3D & 4D cell data files for each experiment and their respective digital staining files

Moreover you can upload your own acquisitions and share them with your classroom, your school and even with other schools around the world!

Unlimited sharing

With STEVE+ all is shared and digital.

On STEVE + you can upload your newly acquired data and share them instantly with your class, your school or even with other schools around the world.

Your students will be able to interact with cells and do their assignments directly on their laptops in a totally paperless fashion.

Detailed and innovative experimental protocols


On STEVE + you will be able to download many different protocols to smoothly run your lessons with the 3D Cell Explorer. The protocols cover different subjects of cell biology including plant cell exploration, animal cell exploration, micro-organisms, fungi, protozoa etc…

All protocols includes student’s worksheets and align with different curricula (including international baccalaureate (IB), Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and the UK curriculum).

Comprehensive cell library


Compare your data with existing ones from STEVE+ database.