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Tired of learning biology with flat, textbook images or CGI animations of cells? How about looking at real cells – alive and in 3D!

Here, at, we produce educational videos explaining biology concepts with images and time-lapses of living cells – bringing dynamic visuals to the story.

Our goal is to share the beauty of biology, because live cells are amazing!

Our latest videos

The story behind is a spin-off of Nanolive SA. Nanolive SA was incorporated in November 2013 at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Dr. Yann Cotte (CEO) and Dr. Fatih Toy (scientific advisor), following the completion of their respective PhD theses at the EPFL Microsystems laboratory of Prof. Christian Depeursinge (Head of Scientific Advisory Board).

What makes unique?

Learn about Cell Biology in a fun yet unique way: with live cell images. While capturing the images, the cells were kept in a healthy environment – no chemicals were added and long-term imaging was made possible with the 3D Cell Explorer’s non-invasive technology. This allows us to create amazing content for our educational Cell Biology videos and reveal the true shape of living cells!

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