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Explore live cells in action as never before!

Engage your students in discovery of cell biology with real microscopy data in 3D – to explore cells as they are: alive and in motion!

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A unique 3D Cell Biology
Learning Experience

All you need to teach cell biology
Refractive Index Image of Human Cheek Cells

Refractive Index map of human cheek cell observed with the 3D Cell Explorer

3D digitally stained image of Human Cheek Cells

Digitally stained human cheek cells observed with the 3D Cell Explorer

Learning Space

The Learning Space is a library of cell data, produced by Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer. Students will explore real cells as they are: alive, in 3D and in motion and interact with authentic 3D live cell images and videos. Challenge your students with quantitative assignments during your biology lessons.

The 3D Cell Explorer

All data is produced by Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer: a revolutionary and multiple award winning Tomographic Microscope. This complementary solution with the 3D Cell Explorer lets students explore living cells in 3D without damaging or staining them. 

Teaching biology with the 3D Cell Explorer in schools

Le Rosey & Nanolive

Students from Le Rosey interacting with their own cells

Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Nanolive’s technology and educational program on RTS – March 2017


“Biology is a naturally interesting subject for the many students who choose to study it, but with the arrival of our new 3D Cell Explorers student interest and engagement has moved to another level! Recently our grade 10 students carried out a cheek cell observation, which using a simple microscope in the past would have resulted in some mild interest as student could actually see (sometimes) one of their own cells.


Using the 3D Cell Explorer students were able to observe bacteria on their cheek cell and measure the diameter, height and volume of the nucleus. A whole new world unfolded. Nanolive is allowing teachers to explore many new possibilities for investigations and IB biology students have access to a wider range of explorations for their IAs. Students love using high end tech in their school science lab and find it hugely exciting and motivating.”
Rhiannon Wood

School Principal and biology teacher at the International School of Frankfurt, Germany

Picture: By Svekazantseva (Own work); sourcelicence

“Lisa and Kulsum from Nanolive had prepared an exceptional 2 hour practical. Not only did they bring along the spectacular 3D Cell Explorer, but also onion and garlic specimens and a fantastic student packet, which they guided our students to complete during our session in a very professional, enthusiastic and fun manner. All students from Grades 11 and 12 had the opportunity to explore living cells using a 3D microscope.


They then could further enhance these images using advanced software: measure cell size, color bacteria and calculate cell volume. Imaging technology is a component of all 3 IB DP Science courses, and teachers and students alike have been impressed by and worked enthusiastically with the provided materials. It was really ​refreshing ​to ​see ​how ​competent ​our ​students ​were while carrying ​out ​real ​scientific ​work. Many have asked follow up questions, and some expressed an interest in the field of cell Biology for their future careers. We highly recommend the workshops provided by Nanolive, and thank Lisa and Kulsum for making this unforgettable experience possible!”
Babett Cevirgen

DP Biology, DP Chemistry and TOK Teacher, International School Rheintal, Buchs, Switzerland

Picture: By me/Kevin Näf (Own work); sourcelicence

“It’s innovative, so we need to be creative. Since the approach is new, we need to develop new activities. We will work on new research questions for the final papers of the students. Everything is new and left to discover.”

Mireille Donadini

Biology Teacher, Gymnase de Provance, Lausanne, Switzerland – one of the first schools in Switzerland to have worked with the 3D Cell Explorer for Education

“Teaching sciences is often tricky as so much of what we learn can’t be perceived by the naked eye. After trying Nanolive’s microscope, biology teachers at Le Rosey could use live images to show the theory that they were discussing; students also had the chance learn how to use state-of-the-art scientific research equipment. Having our own microscope will now allow this throughout the year.”

Christophe Gudin

General Director, Institute Le Rosey, Boarding school in Rolle, Switzerland

“I can say that both our regular and our research teachers are very excited about the 3D Cell Explorer. We expect to be able to use it in both our regular classrooms and our research program. I also showed it to our physics teachers. I have been showing your website to our research seniors. Most of them will be going on to prestigious U.S. universities and joining research labs there.  I have told them to spread the word at their universities about your products.”

Rachel Stott

Biology Teacher, Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, USA

Picture: source

“Nanolive was super great to work with. In preparation for our rental they spent a lot of time trying to understand our needs, and working out a rental agreement that worked for both of us. They skyped and emailed with me throughout the rental period to address all of my questions. One of their software developers even worked on a problem late at night (they’re in Switzerland, 8 hours ahead of us) to help me out. Thanks so much!”

Angela Armendariz

Living Systems Facility Manager, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA

Picture: By Fabrice Florin (fabola); sourcelicence


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