Our vision

Our goal at cell.academy is to effectively communicate Cell Biology concepts to both students and the general public with the visual aid of cells in their true nature: alive and in 3D. Through educational videos, we hope to share our passion for the vast, yet microscopic world that lives within us!


Our Story

cell.academy is a spin-off of Nanolive SA. Nanolive SA was incorporated in November 2013 at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Dr. Yann Cotte (CEO) and Dr. Fatih Toy (scientific advisor), following the completion of their respective PhD theses at the EPFL Microsystems laboratory of Prof. Christian Depeursinge (Head of Scientific Advisory Board).

Late 2013, Dr. Andreas Kern and Dr. Sebastien Equis joined as Co-Founders to lead the software development and hardware construction respectively.

Now the team is composed by thirteen people from very different backgrounds and geographical origins: engineers, biologists, physicists and business.

Living Cell Tomography

Our 3D Cell Explorer delivers living cell tomography. Just as you may know from a MRI in hospitals, our light microscope uses laser light to deliver live scans of single cells. After placing the cellular specimen in the device, the 3D Cell Explorer performs a continuous rotational scan, while a software allows to display the cell on your computer in 3D within a second.

The intuitive software STEVE enables digitally staining on single cells with an unlimited choice of colours and obtains its 3D reconstruction in real time.

To share, interact, and explore your results, the cells data can further be printed (e.g. 3D printer or 3D holograms), or can be directly viewed on 3D-beamers or in 3D animations.

In addition, supplementary services will be available through our Cloud Biotech Apps and Communities, thus making the 3D Cell Explorer the first cloud microscope.


The cell.academy team

Sabine Bautz, BA in Business Administration

Sabine Bautz, BA in Business Administration

Customer Service Manager

About Sabine

Born in 1984 in Cologne, the city with Germany’s most visited attraction, the Gothic Cathedral, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in European Business Administration from the Cologne Business School. After several years of experience in the medical business in the field of service, she will build up the Operations Department to contribute to Nanolive’s future success.


Kulsum Farshori, MSc in Biology

Kulsum Farshori, MSc in Biology

Applications Specialist for Education

About Kulsum

Born in 1991 in Gossau, Switzerland, Kulsum obtained her MSc in Biology with a focus in Neuroscience at the University of Zurich. She then pursued a Cambridge teaching certification in London in 2017, after which she joined Nanolive. With her combined knowledge in Biology and Pedagogy she works on incorporating Nanolive’s microscopes in the Biology curriculum in Schools around the world.


Lisa Pollaro, PhD in Biochemical Engineering

Lisa Pollaro, PhD in Biochemical Engineering

Chief Operating Officer

About Lisa

Born in Vicenza, a small city in the north of Italy in 1985. Scientist by formation with a master in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from Padua University and a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne. After her PhD she jumped immediately in the Nanolive adventure.


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